Sunday, 11 August 2013

How men should treat women / mothers / children

This is a husband to be proud of. His wife is not just someone he married, she is his best friend. Friendship in a relationship is the most important thing of all, because then you can put children first. I do not go to church, but I believe in God and wish all women and children were blessed with men that respected their family the way this man does. 

I do not respect my MP. If he, as a family man can tell me that Student Girls (Someones Daughter) is old enough to sell their body for money, then there is something seriously wrong with our Government. They are very much anti children/family and the tax payer is paying them to destroy our children's future. So please do not just sit their and do nothing. Forward this Prostitution article to everyone you know and do not allow the Government to legalise it the way they forced Gay Marriage on us. (I am not anti gay people, but I do believe in the child's right to a Mother and Father.) And we all know how easily some men are tricked with porn and how they do not think about their children when they cheat and leave.

Jimmy Savile's followers are still at large in power. They only allow the dead pedophiles to be named and protect the living. Listen to MP John Hemming talk about Secret Courts and Forced Adoption for Profit.

Children deserve a good family home with a Mother and Father who respect one another and do not cheat, or encourage the above. Children should always be put first, so they have a happy family life with Mummy and Daddy. Share this blog and information and talk about these issues. Try and solve them as our children depend on us to protect their future.

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