Friday, 20 September 2013

Not all MPs are on the make

Not all MPs are on the make? Tell me what do you think?

My experience with visiting an MP is very disappointing. How many MPs cheat on their wives and pay prostitutes? Is this why they are really trying to legalize prostitution? My MP just told me "The Student Girls are old enough to make their own minds up!" Not what I expect a father to say, let alone an MP! Our sick culture has most certainly brainwashed these girls to see themselves as mere objects and not human beings that should be respected for their brains. How very sad!

I complained to my MP about the following website and he has done nothing:

So I decided to complain and go to another MPs office. This MP is not allowed to deal with me, because they are out of my area, but I am told by the PA that the Charity Women's Aid will have to buy the above website (Blackmail to pay big money) just to stop the advertising of sick sites that destroy family life.
Please remind me again why I should be proud to be British? Because I can assure you that having 1 in 4 women hurt by men in the UK and 2 women killed a week is nothing to be proud of. Let alone, and more importantly One hundred thousand children going missing in the UK alone and Forced Adoption for Profit. Is it me or are you wondering why is the Swansea University not researching the above and trying to save family life instead of destroying it?

If parents allow the Government for force prostitution into our Country then we will face the same nightmare as Germany. Is this seriously the life you want for your little girl, because if it is then I seriously have to question your parenting skills.

Have you seen this film. I want to meet this Mother as I am damn sure should would not put up with the above. This is the sort of person we need in Government, someone that actually puts children first.

I wonder what the future holds? At least I can look back and say I have tried very hard to change Western Culture for our children's sake. And my grandchildren will be able to look at my blogs with pride because I care about children and their future happiness, do you?

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