Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mothers stop abuse on children and women

Dear Mothers who care about children and family life

We must stop the abuse on children and women worldwide. Here are the facts. Dr Kinsey the man responsible for Sex Education in our schools was a Gay Pedophile Monster who carried out evil research on innocent children. He arranged to destroy their childhood and take their innocence. What man (Father) carries out sexual abuse on babies and children? Listen to Dr Reisman and how she talks about a four year old child being sexually abused around the clock, 24 hours, and Dr Kinsey claims that child had 26 orgasms. He not only claimed this, but he lied, and said the child enjoyed it. The four year old child who cried, fainted and tried to fight off the sexual abuser was noted down in history as enjoying being hurt and tortured by a pedophile. What sort of evil people put Dr Kinsey's sick and twisted Sex Education in schools and claim they need to learn about sex. Sex should not even be in their vocabulary. I can tell you at 10 years old I did not want to learn about sex, I wanted to play with my toys. And even at 16 years old, I was too young. These people should be put in prison, oh no sorry a nursing home, as prison is like a holiday camp. I have been in contact with Dr Reisman about the German Homeschool family who the USA want to deport. Ask yourself this, why would a Government want to deport a good family because they do not want their children taught Pedophile Sex Education and brainwashed by a dysfunctional society that has no child/family values, but instead is obsessed with porn.

Dr Reisman won in Holland against Playboy. And she said "If you can win in a Country with the biggest Sex Industry going, then you can win anywhere." Playboy encourages Pedophiles to abuse children. The reason we have 1 in 4 women hurt in the UK alone by men is all thanks to this muck they force into our society and schools. (What parent allows this?) Why allow children to suffer from bullying men. I have taught my child from a young age to keep her clothes well one and trust no one. Always tell Mummy if anything strange happens and keep no secrets. Do not allow any grown up to bully you or tell you to lie. Protect, protect as our world is not child or family friendly and our schools are teaching pedophile grooming by Dr Kinsey.


Listen to my daughter question this children's cartoon. I have taught her well. Have you protected your child, or is it too late. Have they been brainwashed by Dr Kinsey's Pedophile Sex Education in School? Try to un-brainwash them and get them away from anything that teaches them that pedophiles are good people, they are evil! Help me get the research on mentally ill people and lets find out just how many of them were abused as a child and how it destroyed their childhood and adulthood. How dare our Governments pick on victims who have suffered child abuse. Only a pedophiles would do such a thing. 

I am very much like Dr Reisman I believe in Justice for Children and Mothers. These sex sites have destroyed so many families and small businesses. It has to stop. I am a single mother with no money coming in because sex sites were allowed to use my Trade Mark name and over take me in the search engines. The Police told me "Tough luck, the sex industry is a Multi Billion Pound business and the Government will not stop it."  And I was also told "One little lady from the Bont will not change a thing!" Why is that? Is it because nearly all fathers/men are addicted to sex sites/porn and their brains have slipped down to their trousers? Show me a group of fathers/men that care about their children's future and want to get rid of the dirty magazines in the Food Shops and protect children from bad media. Not met any yet, have you?  Shame on them all. Take a look at what they destroyed. Here is my innocent fairy story I created called Colour me a fairies wish. A man from children's TV is reading it out and I was all set to work with him on personalised children's stories. But guess what "Mothers like me are not allowed to earn from home to provide for their children" because of the oversexed pedophile men in Government that protect Jimmy Savile and his followers. They are not taking my house. I will see them in court and demand that everyone in that Court proves they are not addicted to porn or pedophile protectors, because I want a fair trial that puts children and family first. Not a Pedophile Court that protects our Government that is not child or family friendly, because if they were they would have fined all the adult sites that destroyed Mummy's Internet Business. And they would have punished the Host for not keeping evidence of bullying, carried out by oversexed men.

If pedophiles wanted to take over the world, what would they do?

1. Destroy the economy by working closely with the Banks (Destroy the family unit! Real poverty.)

2. Destroy Religion (Brainwash children and all people with pedophile sex - stop Homeschool) 

3. Destroy Homeschool (Most Homeschool people do not teach children about sex!) This is why the Council ban Homeschool searches on their computers so people cannot find other homeschool people. And why the German Homeschool family in the USA are fighting not to be deported back to Nazi Germany.

4. Destroy Mothers (Make Stay at Home Mothers look Lazy.) The Government does nothing to change the media to promote family life. Instead they force all sex into our society and homes to break it. Take a look at this Women's Aid Website. Womens Aid is meant to be a charity that protects women. My sister was forced to watch a porn film in front of her husbands friend. She thought they were going to rape her. Her husband also brought women back to try and get her to sleep them them. This was before the Internet, so imagine what some poor women go through. My sister is mentally broken from abuse by bad evil men. And they allow sex sites on this Women's Aid website. And the Government bully her to try and force her to work. Only pedophiles would do such a thing. 

5. Destroy Children's rights. Put a Jack Straw gagging order on children to prevent them speaking out against Jimmy Savile's followers. MP John Hemming

6. Try and lower the age of Consent (Dr Reisman proves time and time again this is what they try to do.)

7. Forced adoption for profit (Secret Courts.) Only pedophiles would allow this to still being going on for over 30 years. Denise Robertson on Forced Adoption 
Ask how quickly did they push through Gay Marriage? So why can they not fix Forced Adoption for Profit? How many children are they selling to pedophiles?

8. Gay Marriage. Only pedophiles would allow Gay Marriage to over take normal marriage, especially when 1 in 4 women are hurt by men and 2 women killed a week by men in the UK alone. Many men leave their wife for a man these days, because they are brainwashed with porn. Imagine the Mother being dumped and that man taking her child as well. This behaviour is not acceptable! And is damaging to children. They want Mummy and Daddy and Mummy and Daddy must respect one another and not cheat. Dr Reisman speaks out about how fathers that abuse children are getting custody. Only pedophiles in Government and Courts would allow such an act. (I am not anti Gay if they do not hurt children. I have old friends who were gay and they would never abuse a child, but some do, like Dr Kinsey!) And Gay kissing in front of children in Disney is just sick!

9. Prostitution. Only Pedophiles would push through Prostitution when we have a world with no child or family values. And gagging orders on children and families with Secret family courts and no free Legal Aid! Cut Legal Aid and you prevent families fighting back against the corrupt system. Bring in prostitution and men can legally abuse women.

Only Pedophiles would allow this. Only Pedophile men would push through Prostitution to destroy the family unit even more. As if us women are not punished enough. Only Pedophile men in power would punish Stay at home Mothers and offer them no support to earn from home, but instead allow Universities to get Funding by the Lottery Magazine to encourage student girls selling their bodies for sex. And boast how one is a Law Student. (Well our Court System is done for, if someone can sell their body for sex they can easily be brought in court more corruption and I have been told this has been happening for years.)

When I was working in a school the work men brought in a Sun Paper and they had it open on Page 3. What sort of people do this. When I complained there was no shock, no horror "That is men for you?" No that is not men for you. That is how you have allowed them to treat us. And this is the future for our poor children, I don't think so. Wake up and share this information.

You allow the Government to legalise prostitution you are saying it is ok for them to hurt your children. Because they will lower the age of consent and these bad people will hurt your children legally. Is this what you want? Stop it!

I wrote a book that promoted my Country. I am ashamed to be British now I know the truth of why it is so difficult for mothers to earn from home and provide for our children. Our Government is paid by the Tax Payer to destroy children and family life. How do you feel about that? If you care about your child you will get in contact and fight verbally for change.

Get all Dr Reismans information in schools, churches and libraries. And stop these oversexed evil pedophile men.

This is my little girl asking "Do you want Mummy at home?" Every child wants Mummy at home. Don't let the Bullying Government destroy their rights. Force them to invest in helping mothers earn from home. After all it is the Tax Payers money, not theirs!
Get in contact with me. This channel should be called Children's Rights. 

I don't go to church, but I believe if you destroy God, you destroy children. Also if pedophiles are in power then they will do all they can to destroy religion, so what better way than putting pedophiles in churches. Think about it. All they want is sex and money and it is not normal sex. These people are sick in the head.

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