Tuesday, 6 August 2013

David Cameron helps stay at home mothers

Dear Mr Cameron


I wrote to you quite a long time ago and your office replied with a card saying they would be in contact. They seem to have forgotten me. And even though I have had two meetings with my MP about protecting children and family values, it seems impossible to get any sort of support.

Mothers that work from home want to put their children first. And as a Mother that is why I remortgaged to start my business. A man who has owned a book shop for over 27 years told me he has never seen a book quite like mine in all the years of having his shop, which proves I created something that the UK should promote and be proud of. After all I made all the costumes, co wrote the songs, wrote the story and created all the images in Photoshop. I am sure my Country would love to promote such an achievement.

And here is a famous man from Children's TV reading out my story Colour me a fairies wish.

This is the main story.

And here are the songs from the story.

My daughter loves Homeschool and can now read a big book. Her singing book reviews are superb.
Amazing how children can flourish when they are not bullied, as we do have terrible problems in schools. Here are some of her other singing book reviews, I am sure all the UK Libraries would love to promote her!
So I look forward to an update! Hopefully this will be just as quick as your Gay Marriage Law you managed to push through and no doubt The Prostitution Law will be done just as quickly! All of which will be a challenge for old fashioned Mothers like me with morals. 

Mr Cameron I am sure there was some misunderstanding with the Councils and Schools as to why they could not work with me so I can work from home on translating English words into Welsh etc, teamwork and all that. After all they loved the idea, it just seems that there is this strange brick wall that stops Mothers like me from earning from home. 

I look forward to hearing from you Mr Cameron. As lets face it, you have the power to do anything you want. So if you want to help Mothers earn from home then you will. I am sure you will help buy my books get them into Plantasia, Castell Coch, The Upwey Wishing Well and good book stores. And I am sure you would love to help mothers earn from home by setting up a child/family friendly website where mothers can sell old and new things with no fees. Child and family friendly advertising to pay for the IT. A place where children can shine safely. Encourage child and family friendly music. You know all the stuff a good Governments should concentrate on, as after all I am sure the Tax Payer would like you to put children and family first. As that is your paid job.  

Many thanks Mr Cameron for your time and understanding just how important children are to our nation and how much they adore having Mummy at home. Children do have rights, do they not? Well here is my daughter telling me how much she loves her Mummy. I know lets do a fun survey on how many children want Mummy at home.

Kind regards Sharon J. Bainbridge
(Proud Stay at home Mummy)

This is my daughters little family survey, asking children "Do they want Mummy at home?"

Oh and I just had to show you her wonderful FAMILY JOY SONG!
My poor Mum was a victim of bullying by bad evil men. Same with my sister. So that is why she sings about poor Nanny can't help being ill. And how Poor Auntie Lou Lou stays in bed. Terrible when men bully and hurt women so much that they end up having a total break down and cannot recover. It's is a good job we don't have Prostitution, oh sorry yes I forgot that is something you are trying to legalize. 


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  2. Please Mr Cameron, could you help me with a Business Plan to challenge the Lottery and University for glamorizing student girls selling their bodies for sex. And boasting one is studying to be a Law Student. MP John Hemming as you know is fighting against Forced Adoption for Profit and Secret Courts. I think you will agree by encouraging Students to take up the Sex Trade, our Justice System will suffer even more. Because lets face it if they can sell their body for money, then they will be easily paid off in Court with corruption. Here is my little video. My MP told me "The girls are old enough!" and did not seem shocked at all, which I find strange for a family man. I cannot understand how any father would encourage such a thing? Can you?


  3. yes, true. teenage girls CAN sell their bodies to anyone. but there will always be rule breakers, no matter where you look. For example: the government has been investing so much money into eradicating drugs, and yes, they still have it. because some people love to break the rules.