Tuesday, 6 August 2013

David Cameron Prostitution

Dear Mr Cameron

As a Father I am sure you would not want to legalise prostitution in the UK, would you? I have had two meetings with my Local MP and I am somewhat confused. I thought MP's were meant to be all about Family and Children? And I also thought the Tax Payer paid the Government to protect children and family?

Would you mind answering a few questions?

1. When I saw my MP and asked how can the University (Further Education) and the Lottery glamorise student girls selling their bodies for money. And even boasting one was a Law Student. He replied "THE GIRLS ARE OLD ENOUGH." Forgive me, but as a Mother I see this as Pedo Grooming. Especially as these magazines were in the Library in front of young children. We cannot blame the staff, they are only doing their job and do what they are told.

Have a good read of this and let me know what you think!

Here is the rest of the article.

2. I don't know about you Mr Cameron, but I found this article where the German Government force girls into the Sex Trade or cut their benefits, very disturbing and an act against their human rights. I was also told there is talk that the Government are expecting Mothers to take a job in the Sex Trade as well? Seriously, is this some sort of April Fool Joke? I just wondered because as it is 1 in 4 women are hurt by men in the UK and 2 women a week killed. It is pretty obvious that men need to be forced to respect women and stop selling them as objects through the media etc. Also men need to put children and family first, instead of being encouraged to cheat with prostitutes. I am very aware of the Forced Adoption for Profit (Secret Courts,) which MP John Hemmings is fighting for and this all seems to be linked.



If I had my way I would have put my sister's husband in prison for what he put her through. For a man to force Porn on his wife and make her watch it in front of his friend is outrageous. Then to invite women round and try and force her to sleep with them is sick. Is it any wonder she is mentally broken. And this was before the Internet, so you can only imagine what some poor women must go through and I know many vicitims. Thankfully I am a strong character who will not put up this this sort of behaviour from bullying men. They need to be forced to respect women and stop degrading us as objects. Even my daughter questions the revolting sex magazines in food shops. Educated people who put this muck in front of children should be investigated. What person seriously believes a child cannot see the top shelf, it is just a selfish excuse for adults to behave badly and you even have to question what sort of grooming is taking place. I expect Educated People to have better morals, but sadly things seem to be slipping.

How common is domestic violence?
At least 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime and between 1 in 8 and 1 in 10 women experience it annually. Less than half of all incidents are reported to the police, but they still receive one domestic violence call every minute in the UK. More


I have a great idea. You know how Dr Reisman won in Croatia against Sex Education, why don't we mirror what they do as they have the lowest pregnancy and sexual disease in children throughout the whole world. You know we could teach our children to keep their clothes on and protect them from bad people like the Jimmy Savile Followers who sadly are still at large in power. After all we do not want to promote Sex Education when it has been created by a person that carried out Sexual Abuse on babies and children, do we, that would just be against children's rights. Oh I am sorry they don't have any do they. Jack Straws gagging order!

Here is MP John Hemming talking about the gagging orders on children and parents. Secret Courts and Forced Adoption for profit. How many children have babies in our Country and how many are put up for Forced Adoption?

This video is really shocking. Porn has created men monsters!

Please leave comments and share stories. And most importantly, do not let the Government
destroy family life any further by legalizing prostitution. Children and Women have suffered enough!

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  1. Here is my little video about Lottery Funding Destroying Family Life. Any help with a Business Plan to challenge them and to raise funding to save family life would be greatly appreciated. After all I think women and children go through enough rubbish from men, don't you! (There are some good men, would be nice if they showed they cared by stopping prostitution, sadly many men are addicted to cheating and that is our problem right there - brainwashed by the media!)